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Key Services

Advanced Cyber Protection, anti virus, AppleMac Services


  • IT Support Services
  • Apple Mac Support
  • ESET Endpoint Security
  • Security Training
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud (Backup & Security)
  • Cyber Awareness Training
  • Keeper Security (Business Password Manager)


Our managed service desk is here to support your business through issues as they arise, but the most essential part of our service is our comprehensive suite of managed services.
Your systems are monitored for health, reliability and security, and our managed backups ensure resilience.
Onsite and remote Support for Windows and Apple customers
We provide a managed service to keep your business running smoothly. We monitor IT Systems, Backups, and Cyber Security to prevent potential problems.
According to Bill Gates, Artificial Intelligence (AI) will revolutionise computing in the next five years, and we will be using computer applications in a completely different way from how we do it today.
How we deliver Support Services will radically change as Artificial Intelligence is integrated into business applications.
We can help you personalise Copilot to your company by creating personalised prompts and ensuring that users only access current data suitable for the task and necessary for the job function.
AI assistants like Copilot will transform IT services and environmental management by offering more intuitive and proactive support.
IT systems and those using them will become more efficient, and our customers will become more productive.
We believe the future of the IT services we provide businesses will increasingly involve showing and training our clients how to use the services to gain the most benefit and offering expert advice on applying AI within your businesses.

IT Support Services

Your IT systems are central to the smooth running of your business, You rely on them for the day to day running of the office, you may be running a Customer Relationship Database, accounts packages such as Sage and the Microsofts Office Suite to create documents and communicate using Outlook for email.

You only ask one thing of your systems and that is when you use them they run quickly and without fuss.

Tamite are different to most of our IT Support competitors in that our focus is on prevention rather than fire fighting, we prefer to monitor and intervene when necessary to prevent the issues arising in the first place. We know that from your business point of view prevention is better than a cure.

We address the IT headache suffered by most SMEs of lost productivity due to slow performance or unexpected failure of systems. Our remote monitoring service allows us to check key aspects of your PCs and servers performance, these include disk space remaining, antivirus and firewall status and many other aspects including backup status to allow us to monitor and anticipate problems with your systems before they become an issue.

Discovering Dynamics Microsoft 365's potential?

Understand how this robust platform blends CRM and ERP tools with advanced analytics to elevate your business.

Whether you're scaling up operations, optimizing customer engagement, or streamlining data management, Dynamics 365 delivers a suite of applications designed to advance productivity and efficiency. In this deep dive, we explore its core features, integration with everyday tools like Office 365, deployment methods, and customizing options to fit your unique business environment.

Key Takeaways
Microsoft Dynamics 365 integrates CRM and ERP functionalities into a unified platform, offering a comprehensive 360-degree view of the customer journey, customizable to meet various business needs and enhance data-driven decision-making across sales, marketing, commerce, and services.

Dynamics 365 enables seamless integration with the Office 365 suite, fostering enhanced productivity and collaboration with the ability to access CRM data within other applications like Outlook and providing tools for efficient document management, teamwork, and data analysis through SharePoint, OneDrive, and Excel.

Dynamics 365 offers diverse deployment options with cloud benefits, including scalability and reduced IT infrastructure maintenance, while on-premise provides autonomy over data-personalization, security, compliance, and the convenience of Azure hosting are key features that can be tailored to unique business requirements.

IT Project Management

Your IT investment should be an asset to your company, in a real sense an enabling factor for your business. IT services should contribute to your business giving you an edge on your competitors.

By giving you access to the tools you need to make your business leaner, more efficient, smarter. IT should be a driver making the business more responsive to your customers needs and freeing up your time to concentrate on your business.

So why do companies often feel that troublesome systems and network issues are holding them back!

At Tamite we don't believe this should be the case and know that by working with our customers we can help you to make your IT investment pay off for your business.

Tamite has been providing IT support and network services to business customers in the Southeast for many years. Our expertise and experience means we are able to provide you with remote and on-site support to resolve your IT issues quickly and efficiently. We pride ourselves on the breadth and depth of knowledge we bring to our customers, we work and consult with our customers to make sure we understand your goals, our aim is always to ensure the correct solutions are put in place to realise your ambitions, attention to detail means your projects are realised to the full and your expectations are always exceeded.

Eset Endpoint Security

Eset Endpoint Security is a comprehensive suite of products designed to provide a higher level of protection to business PCs and networks. It incorporates six layers of security to ensure maximum safety.

Web Filtering
Device Control
You seamlessly protect your company's network while maintaining the performance you demand for your desktop and network infrastructure.

We know that even a few hours of lost production due to an infection on a machine can seriously disrupt your business. The reality is that even one infection can have dire consequences, our strategy as an IT provider is to decrease the opportunities for issues to arise and if they do arise to resolve them quickly. Eset has a track record of consistently providing effective solutions while still being light on the resources they demand from your machines; the net result is that if your Antivirus software isn't tying up your memory and processing, you will have a quicker, more responsive PC.

At the same time, the constantly evolving landscape of threats, whether from the Internet or those introduced on USB memory storage devices, tablets, mobile phones, and the myriad of other devices we connect to our networks, has created a demand for more powerful and comprehensive systems to counteract them. In all cases, it is essential we deploy the most robust approach to IT security, and that is where Tamite IT and Eset excel.

Acronis Cyber Protect (Backup and Security Suite)

How can the Acronis Backup and Recovery Managed Service prevent downtime?
The Acronis Backup and Recovery Managed Service protects your data and prevents your business from downtime and loss. We safeguard your data using leading technology and processes via a cloud-based solution.

Storing and protecting your backup data
Monitoring and managing your backups
Enabling a rapid and effective recovery when needed
Top patch management challenges for businesses
Patch management can be complex and time-consuming
Lack of IT inventory management
Patch failures and complications during the patch process
Rapid recovery whenever your business needs it. Employees won't ever lose their work in progress.

Your business's critical apps are monitored and continuously backed up, providing you with the best prevention and recovery available. In addition, our quick and easy one-click recovery feature allows employees to quickly start their automated recovery in case of any data loss – saving time and stress for everyone.

Three benefits of the Acronis Backup and Recovery Managed Service that may be relevant to your business:
Reliable, monitored and managed backups

Our comprehensive backup and recovery service provides consistent monitoring and peace of mind that your data is safe and always accessible.

Your data is always secure using our unique approach of combining cloud backup services with cyber protection capabilities.

Effective compliance reporting

Your critical data is protected with a data protection map that tracks the protection status of files. If files are not protected, an alert is created for our team, which can quickly rectify the issue.

We are more than backup: A team of experts and a service you can trust.
We work closely with our clients to deliver the best data protection solution for their business needs. We consider what data is most critical to their business operations, their industry, and the different levels of access needed for their accounts.

Cyber Awareness Training

Cyber awareness training is delivered online to you at a time, place, and pace that can be tailored to suit the individual. You are always in control.

About The Course
Our online cyber awareness training program comprises nine comprehensive classes or modules, plus one bonus module. The modules cover everything you need to protect your cyber activity.

Completing the modules will give you the knowledge and awareness that are vital to prevent breaches by recognising common threats to users at home and in the business.

Cyber Awareness Training The Human Firewall Protecting Your Business
Arm yourself with an understanding of how hackers think and attack.

Sign me up for the course – Only £35.00 per user/annum.

Module 1: Computer Usage-Activities that are considered acceptable or prohibited often depend on your workplace's policies, but some activities should always be considered too big a risk for businesses to allow.
i. Ethical computer use: Make sure you are aware of your company's computer usage policies. If you have no clear policy, it's time to implement one.
Both the company and employees need to understand the dangers inherent in everyday computer activities.
ii. Software installs: What can and can't be installed, and who needs to know?
iii. File sharing: How dangerous is it and why?
iv. Day to day situations.

Watch module 1 and discuss what would be a sensible policy for you.

Module 2: Your Identity-Protecting your identity and access to your online and offline accounts is a key factor in strong security. In Module 2, we discuss the methods you can employ to achieve this.
i. Authentication, methods used to provide access.
ii. factor authentication: is a password enough to secure the application, or do we need to consider multiple identity proofs before granting access?
iii. passwords, what constitutes good password hygiene?
iv. online identity, What this means, and why we must protect it.
v. ID theft: How can we avoid risky behaviours and environments?

Keeper Security (Business Password Manager)

Keeper Security is a top-rated business password manager that protects your business.
A constant in recent years has been the fact that 4 in 5 recorded data breaches were attributable to poor password practice. Cybersecurity starts with password security.

According to the UK Gov Cyber Security Survey 2021

Four in ten businesses (39%) and a quarter of charities (26%) report having cyber security breaches or attacks in the last 12 months.

Like in previous years, this is higher among medium businesses (65%), large businesses (64%) and high-income charities (51%)

Password security is central to good Cyber Security, and this is reflected by the fact that it is one of the core requirements of the government-backed Cyber Essentials certificate.

The problem is that individuals and businesses often deal with the password issue by using shortcuts.

For example, they choose simple, easy-to-guess passwords, use the same password for every online account, or keep those passwords on sticky notes or save them to the browser.

Such methods may seem like an easy way to avoid the work of creating and using secure passwords, but they make it easy for cybercriminals to do their damage.

Keeper Security provides a far more secure and convenient way to protect your online accounts and other online assets.

You will save employees time and frustration and eliminate the need for them to reuse and remember passwords.

Managing passwords is easy, as Keeper Security generates strong, random passwords and automatically fills them for users.

The Keeper Vault has a responsive and intuitive user interface (UI), and employees can access it from any device and location.

The Keeper business password manager is designed to be intuitive, resulting in quick user adoption and security.

Apple Mac Support

We specialize in providing comprehensive support for all your Apple devices. Our team of certified Apple support professionals ensures your Apple experience is seamless and secure.

You or your company have invested in running Apple Macs, and you want to partner with an IT support company that is an expert in Apple support, understands your business's needs, and is technically capable.

Our focus is on prevention rather than firefighting. We prefer to monitor and intervene when necessary to prevent issues from arising.

We know that prevention is better than a cure from your business point of view.

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Trillion Leaked Data Detection

Introducing the Trillion leaked password database and research tools. Trillion's leaked password database and algorithms provide an unrivalled ability to detect data breaches and give you a vital early warning of a potential data leak in your organisation. Because the experiences at Holiday Inn recently highlight that breaches are constantly occurring and brought to light in the press, how do we keep up with the ones that specifically affect us and take remediating action? Contact Us for a free report demonstrating how we can protect you and your business. Don't imagine that only high-profile groups are the target of cyber-breaches; it is just as likely to be Accountants, Bookkeepers, IFAs, or even someone in your business. Training your users to spot these threats is essential, as is our ability to quickly identify leaked credentials and notify our customers if they appear on the Dark Web. Trillion allows businesses of all sizes to detect a data breach early and implement a Data Breach Strategy. Hopefully, you will never have to deal with a breach, but as my grandmother told me, forewarned is fore-armed.

Expires: 01/12/2024

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IT Support

Managed Service IT

Specialist Computer Support Service & Products Your IT investment should be an asset to your company and, in a real sense, an enabling factor. We provide computer support to businesses & individuals. Get a free review of your IT and communications.

Price: £60.00 per hour

Computer Support

Apple Mac Support

We specialize in providing comprehensive support for all your Apple devices.

Price: £60.00 per hour

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